Monday, March 19, 2012

Puppets are people too

After a quite raucous St. Patrick's Day in Chicago I was happy to find that there were some terrific movies on TV for me to enjoy while nursing my debilitating hangover on Sunday. One of them being the hilarious Forgetting Sarah Marshall which I tend to find myself watching all the way through anytime it is on.  I was pretty sure Jason Segel would have put his Dracula puppet rock opera into production by now, but I can find little information that leads me to think this will ever happen. Maybe some day? One can hope.

While the Dracula show might be a long shot, it seems that there is a chance Segel will be making another film starring some of his puppet friends. Segel has recently purchased his own script back from an unnamed studio that he sold off back when he was a lesser known 21 year old actor. Segel describes the new film as “a kids adventure movie in the style of Goonies or Labyrinth or something like that.” Take a look at the full article from The Film Stage here.

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