Thursday, October 4, 2012

Manatees - They're not for riding

 What she thought was happening:

   What was really happening:

   The manatee doing his thing:

   New resident to Pinellas County, FL, Ana Gloria Garcia Guitierrez has recently come into contact with the long arm of Florida law.  A witness photographed and reported the new Floridian genius attempting to mount and ride a manatee, an endangered animal protected by federal law.  After a brief, but effective full scale man hunt Guitierrez surrendered herself to authorities with apologies stating that she was unaware this was illegal or in any way frowned upon.

Pinellas County Sheriff, Bob Gualtieri, has been quoted stating "Go ride a Jet Ski. Don't use animals. She has to be held accountable for her actions."  He's clearly frustrated and exhausted with this reckless behavior, but I commend him offering a more socially acceptable option for water riding.

Under Florida law molesting or annoying the sacred creature is a second degree misdemeanor, and punishable by death. The manatee is not pressing charges, but did not care to comment.

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