Monday, May 21, 2012

Anatomy of a clash

Chicago Tribune photographer caught this great and intense photo sequence at the 2012 NATO Summit protests. This seems like a fair trade off to me - if you break a stick on an officers head, you should plan on getting punched by that or another officer.

I'm hoping that the small group of radicals pumping up the tension in these otherwise peaceful protests do not do anything too stupid.

1 comment:

  1. Part of our First Amendment rights include Peaceful assembly and freedom of speech... in the eyes of the majority of law enforcement this is what is hoped for during these types of high profile demonstrations, however, to the select few over steroid driven cops, speaking your mind, even peacefully, can land you a skull popper. God bless the Cops who honestly "Serve and Protect" and... abide by the United States Constitution. As for the demonstrators that arrived in our great city with the sole purpose of getting their pimply faced, black masked ass on the news at ten... hope you enjoyed the Billy Club up side your head... Da Bears!


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